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We're starting to drive to the release of Down The Doors, only a month away! Recently, tracks from the upcoming album have been getting radio play on a couple of programs:

Don Campau's show "No Pigeonholes" is broadcast on KKUP in California and streamed to the world via his website. Last week he played "Intro To Superman". Check out the show at

Insomnia Radio is a popular music and MP3 blog, and made "Dragonfly" their Daily Dose song on May 31st. It's still available as a free download on their website, so grab it while you still can!

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People are already starting to talk about the upcoming album "Down The Doors", and we've hardly started promoting it!

We just got word that The Deli SF Bay Area has nominated Chance's End for their artist of the month poll. We're one of 5 SF Bay Area bands who are vying for fame and glory this month. In addition to bragging rights, the winning band gets a link to their album on their homepage for the entire month of June! This is one of the top 20 indie music blogs in the US, so visibility like that is a pretty big deal...

Go to the poll here

The poll is on the right-hand side of the page. We'd love it if you could cast your vote for your favorite nominated artist. You might also notice the headphone link next to our name. Which brings us to the next big news:

"Down The Doors" now available for FULL streaming and MP3 pre-orders

(Talk about burying the lead!) Clicking on the headphone icon in The Deli poll next to Chance's End will take you to a free stream of the ENTIRE Down The Doors album. We're also taking pre-orders for the digital MP3 album, which you can find like from there. A pre-order for the physical CD is coming soon, so be patient. We just wanted to make sure new listeners could pre-order our music if they found us through The Deli and liked what they heard.

We know that this announcement is a bit rushed, but The Deli is an incredible music blog and it'd be a shame for you to not have the ability to listen to the new album before voting.

So what are you waiting for? Head to The Deli, then listen to the album, then vote for your favorite artist! The polls close before the end of the month, so make sure you do it soon. Finally, we'd really appreciate it if you could post the link ( on Facebook, email it to friends, etc. The more people hear about the poll, the more that all the awesome artists are exposed to new listeners.

Happy listening!

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Ryan and Emily will be performing a VERY special house concert in San Francisco on May 13th. We'll be previewing a LOT of new tracks from the upcoming Chance's End "Down The Doors" album, as well as playing material from Emily's wonderfully diverse folk catalog.

Emily Zisman & Ryan Avery at 450 Live
Emily Zisman & Ryan Avery at 450 Live

For more information, head over to the Facebook event page or go to the 450 Live house concert series website. Because of the intimate nature of this house concert, seating is very limited! Please RSVP at to secure a spot.

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Heading into the middle of February, I hope that 2012 has been off to a great start for every one of you. Certainly, it has been an AMAZING time for Chance's End! Myself (Ryan) and Emily Zisman have been practicing our butts off and playing a select few shows around the San Francisco bay area. But most importantly, we've been holed away in the studio. Why's that? We're wrapping up on the next studio project. So I'm extremely happy to announce that:

The new album "Down The Doors" is coming soon!

Just how soon? I don't want to put anything down in stone, but with the final steps that need to happen, it should be sometime at the end of April! Some of you have been hounding me about another album for what feels like years (it probably has been!). Though it's taken us awhile to get to this point, I KNOW you'll love the end result. :-)

However, this brings me to the matter at hand. We've been so busy working on the music itself that we haven't had time to think about the rest of the package. So we thought "what better way to show our gratitude to our fans than to include you in the album?!"

Here's what we're looking for:

  • The album cover for the new CD "Down The Doors"
  • A new Chance's End logo
  • Genre description (yes, seriously!)
  • A design for the overall CD package

Now, some of you might be thinking that we're just trying to get free design work out of you. Don't worry! We will be fairly compensating everyone who's work gets included in the album. The exact details will be worked out with each contributor.

How should you get started?

We know there are at least a few of you out there who have said you're itching to design something. So head over to our Bandcamp page where we have a few songs from the new album online that will help you get in the mood as you think about ideas. These are fairly representative of the rest of the album

Chance's End - Superman

Chance's End - Gravity

Chance's End - Peculiar

If you're interested in creating the CD cover: The album title is "Down The Doors", and we want the cover to reflect that somehow. Start thinking about ideas, and perhaps make a quick sketch or mock-up. We don't expect a finished project at first, nor do we want you to do a bunch of work just to have us say that it wasn't what we are looking for.

If you're interested in designing the logo: Take a look at the previous CDs "Set Me Free" and "The Outsider" to check out the previous logo. Also take a look at the Chance's End website which has the current temporary logo. Listen to some of the music, and mock-up any ideas that you have. And make sure to give us a peek so we can tell you if we like what you're doing, before you get too far down the line!

Genre description: I feel a bit silly asking this, but who better to tell us what we sound like than the fans who listen? We have always used "violin breakbeat-electronica", but now we're not quite so sure since we've added some more elements. What do you think?

In any case: Contact us! Whether you're a photographer, graphic designer, painter, etc., we want to work with our amazing fans. Let us know what you do, any ideas you have for the logo or the album, and where we can see some of your other work online. Just email us at and we'll get back to you. :-)

We're looking forward to seeing some awesome ideas!!

(And don't worry, if no one emails us, Ryan knows how to use Microsoft Paint...) :-)

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As I sit in my living room catching up on some long-overdue emails and postings, I wanted to give an update on the state of Chance's End

Though this website been relatively silent over the past couple of months, that does NOT mean that things have been stagnant. Far from it! In fact, in early December Emily Zisman came into the studio to record the final track of the new album!! This means that the culmination of 3 years of work is quickly coming to a head! Tentatively, the upcoming album has been titled Down The Doors and it will feature Emily's vocals on most all of the songs. It is this fact that I am truly excited, because those of you who have heard some of the early tracks with her (and heard her live) will agree how truly talented she is as a singer. Including her on this album will represent something I've been working towards for a long time: bringing other talented musicians on-board to help give Chance's End another dimension.

Now don't get me wrong, the violin will always take a very prominent role in this album and any future tracks. I consider that the bread-and-butter core of what this project means to me. But as long as I've been working on this project, it has always been my vision to include a vocalist, a bassist, a keyboard player, and a dedicated electronics person. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

So what does 2012 hold in store for Chance's End? Three exciting things:
1. A new full-length album
2. Another west-coast tour
3. A LOT of grass-roots promotion

That third one is where you, my fans, will play a big role! But again, I get ahead of myself - more information will come with time.

Finally, I hope that you are able to celebrate the holidays with friends, family, or other loved ones. As my gift to you, here's a list of links to the songs that I'm giving away:

These three tracks are licensed creative commons BY-NC-SA, so go ahead and give them to friends. Happy holidays!

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A good musical friend of mine, General Fuzz, released his latest album "Miles Tones".

I came into his studio on several occasions to record violin parts for several tracks, and it was an amazing experience being a part of their creation. General Fuzz has a great sense of musical aesthetics, especially for contemplative emotional electronica. From the first session to the last, I was privy to watching his musical vision coalesce into finished tracks.

As I write this, I realize that I haven't even heard the final result yet (I'm downloading it now)! But I'm so confident that it'll be amazing, that I recommend everyone check out the album for themselves. :-) General Fuzz releases all his music as Creative Commons, so you're free to download and share his music as much as possible!

Listen to the album Miles Tones by General Fuzz now!

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Thanks to everyone who emailed requests for the Chance's End stickers. Unfortunately, they are now all gone! :-(

For anyone who didn't get a sticker, please sign up for the mailing list

and you will be the first to know when a new batch of stickers is produced.

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Chance's End is joining the lineup of the 7 Sirens Cove "Carnival In Never Neverland" fundraiser this Saturday July 9th in San Francisco. We'll be premiering not one, but two new tracks featuring vocalist Emily Zisman!

The event is located at The Hive, a new outdoor venue whose entrance on Treat Ave, between 20th and 21st Street. Doors open at 4pm, and admission is only $5 until the party ends at 2am! Come early, because there are some great performers during the day, and Chance's End will go on promptly at 8pm!

For more information, go to the event's Facebook page.

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(Update: All stickers are now gone! You can go to this link to download the free song that the sticker was promoting.)

We just got a shipment of glossy Chance's End stickers hot off the presses, and we want to give you some!

How? Just email us with your name and postal address. We'll make sure to drop you a handful in the mail. Sorry, offer available in US only!

The stickers feature the violin-electronica silhouette picture with a QR code that links to a free song. We're experimenting with QR codes as a teaser to get people to listen to music. So we're trying to get them posted on club walls, bathrooms, and other places where other stickers commonly are. We're not sure what to expect, but we'd love to have you help out by posting some yourself. Just email us and we'll send some your way. By requesting stickers, you are joining the Chance's end mailing list

Make sure to check out the music!

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Three awesome things happened on this tour that I could never have planned for.

At Tapas in Redding, someone in the audience was talking to me between sets about gypsy violinists, and the amazing songs that were written in that style. I was originally going to leave it at just a conversation, but then the same man started quoting phrases from Brahm's Hungarian Dance No.5 in-between a song. I knew the piece, but not well-enough to play it. So instead I decided to play Vittorio Monti's wonderful piece Czardas. This might not have been the best decision, because I hadn't played the piece all the way through in years.

But my fingers were feeling nimble and my confidence took over for logic - and apart from having to take an extra-long dramatic pause in a couple of places to get my memory in order, I think I nailed it! Personal satisfaction for the win!

Check out a jaw-dropping performance of Czardas from violin virtuoso Anton Kontra and comedian Victor Borge.

A couple of nights later, when I was in Eugene bumming around for my gig that evening, I kept seeing postcards for a harpist named Deborah Henson-Conant. She's an electric harpist (who knew that was a thing!) who plays one-woman shows by telling musical stories with her harp. Then the day after my gig, I was sitting in a little bistro having lunch and a woman walks in who looked very familiar to me. Lo and behold, it was Deborah - I told her I recognized her from the flyers, and we ended up having lunch together and talked shop for over an hour.

The verdict that we came up with? Being an independent musician (touring or not) is incredibly time-consuming. Between finding gigs, promoting them, connecting with fans, and actually performing, there's little time left to create new songs. I envy and respect her, because she's a full-time artist setting her own course - it really puts my week-long jaunt into perspective.

To top everything off, that evening at the Wednesday night Norse Hall tango milonga in Portland, who should I run into but my good musical friend and incredible harpist Anna Maria Mendieta! She had just finished a small tour with her group Tango Del Cielo, and decided to swing by Portland for some dancing.

There's just no way you can plan these things!

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Everywhere I go, this is what I see:

Beats Antique poster in Eugene
Beats Antique poster in Eugene

As it turns out, Beats Antique just launched their tour on March 25th at The Fillmore in San Francisco - just one day before I started mine at the Night Market at Public Works. And it seems like I'm playing in the same city as them every single night for the duration of my tour!

Which is too bad, because I really want to see their show. I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets to their Fillmore show (sold out months beforehand), though a couple of my friends went and said it was amazing!

It would be incredible to go on a tour with them, though I don't have any delusions that I could contribute much to their turnout or even keep up with their schedule (their tour continues for a few months). That's probably why (according to ReverbNation) they're the #2 electronica act behind Bassnectar. That, and the music rocks!

But my music is slowly starting to spread around. Someone in at the dance in Eugene had actually had heard my music in a Pandora mix - it's not often that my reputation preceeds me. :-)

Lights at Bailonga milonga in Eugene
Bailonga lights
The crowd at Eugene's Bailonga milonga was awesome! A big thanks to the organizer, Liz, for having me play. I was reminded of the first time I played for the Firehouse 5 in Sacramento or the weekly milonga in Los Osos - some initial apprehension on the dance floor because of unfamiliarity with the songs, but then the dancers really took to it after a couple of songs. Everyone who came up to me during and after the show enjoyed themselves - I can only hope that everyone else did, too. Though I know there are always some tangueros who simply gravitate towards a different style of music. That's okay, too.

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Tapas Restaurant exterior
Arriving at Tapas
Upon arriving at Tapas downtown, where I was scheduled to play, I noticed it wasn't exactly on a downtown strip. Nor could I really even tell where downtown Redding was (it's a smaller town). So I was nervous going into the show, neither wanting to play for an empty house nor to have the owners disappointed at a slow night.

Setting up, the owner Brad greeted me warmly while two couples enjoyed a late lunch. We talked about Redding, the music scene, and his restaurant. He mentioned that he had been having difficulty explaining to people what to expect tonight, and I certainly couldn't blame him. I have trouble myself, and so that's why I always stick with telling people the two elements constant in the music, "violin and electronica".

Tapas Restaurant interior
Looking out on part of Tapas
By the time 6pm rolled around, the place had started to fill up to my relief. This event was certainly different than playing for tango crowds - I needed to blend in so as not to put anyone off but also perk people's attention to what I was doing. So I made sure to load the set up with as much downtempo grooves as I could, while still throwing in some of the harder tracks like Going On and Production To Perfection. 7pm to 8pm saw the place fairly full(!), and overall I think I won over some new fans.

The staff treated me very well, and I got to enjoy a nice glass of Merlot and an absolutely mouth-watering dish of beef-topped crostini! And capping off a great evening, a very kind couple who had a profile at hosted me for the night. That was the first time I had ever used that site to find a place to stay, and it was a great first experience to start off with.

Now my touring attention turns to dancers - tango dancers, to be specific. They're a finicky bunch sometimes, but judging by the response I've gotten from dancers in communities in California, I'll be just fine...

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Apart from one-off visits to nearby cities Sacramento or San Luis Obispo, or a couple of events back in my home state of California, I usually only play events in San Francisco. Part of this is because the SF Bay area is so lively, that there really is no reason for a musician at my level to tour around. Part of the reason is also that I simply haven't taken the time to plan a tour. That is, until now.

My unofficial tour kick-off at Saturday's ForageSF Night Market was a unique experience for me. Never before have I ever played a gig where there was a line out the door (and wrapped around the corner to the end of the next block!). Obviously, the line was not for me - it was for the delicious food that underground food vendors were serving up. But it was a great feeling. And the atmosphere inside Public Works SF was as crowded and as bustling as a Bangkok market itself! I had thought this might be the case, so I made sure to play lots of up-tempo tracks that could match the energy in the room. Apart from a couple of hiccups (wrestling with equipment and a few intonation slip-ups), I felt I really made a good outing and gave a pretty decent performance. So all in all, the new experience turned out great!

No amount of preparation can fully prepare someone for an experience they have never been through. I can only use my knowledge of what I need for gigs locally, and think about what that might mean on a week-long trip. Questions arise: "What will the vibe of each gig be like?" "Which songs should I play?" and "How many CDs should I take?"

But really, the questions most on my mind are "Will anyone be there?" and "Will the audience enjoy it?" I've done my best to try and make sure that the answer to the first question will be a firm "yes". And I'm fairly certain that my audience will always be able to take something positive from the event.

I built into my schedule (today) a day to prepare and pack. So other than packing and preparing my setlists, what's left to do?

Just wake up tomorrow and drive.

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This month we release another song-every-month track! Written by Emily, Gravity was originally penned as an acoustic-folk tune accompanied only by guitar. But as soon as she shared it with Ryan, the song was taken in a whole new direction!
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Mark your calendars! From March 26th to April 2nd, Ryan is bringing Chance's End on tour!

I know that it's not exactly a world tour, but it's a start. :-) If you live near any of the stops, please consider coming out to support Chance's End as I play in these towns for the first time.

Three of these events are social dancing events. Bailonga on Tuesday is the premier alternative tango milonga in Eugene, while Norse Hall on Wednesday is Portland's most welcoming milonga of the week. Even if you haven't danced tango before, you are encouraged and welcome to come learn to dance, or just to watch. Tickets for Urban Blues Recess are almost sold out, so Portland dancers make sure you get yours!

Hometown San Franciscans, you should definitely come out to Public Works on Saturday March 26th, for the SF Forage Night Market to see all of the wonderful underground food vendors and hear some great local music including Chance's End. And anyone in Redding, Chico, or surrounding areas, I'm playing an extended 3-set night at Tapas Restaurant in downtown Redding on Monday March 28th.

Unfortunately, Emily won't be able to join me for this trip. But she's got a great gig in that you should be at!

Having trouble viewing the tour schedule above? Go to my ReverbNation site to see it without Flash.

Bring your friends along and and share the love! I hope to see you there...

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Another song-each-month release - this time, we bring you a quirky violin-infused breakbeat electronica track called "Peculiar". Share the link with your friends!
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Chance's End is coming to play in beautiful Half Moon Bay for the first time, and will be sharing the stage with Emily Zisman!

Invite some friends along and come watch us sip delicious wine and eat paninis. Oh yeah, and we'll be playing music, too. :-)

Emily Zisman will be sharing her original Americana-infused folk, and Chance's End will be playing some violin-electronica selections from The Outsider as well as new collaborations with Emily.

Hope to see you all there!

The Wine Bar
Harbor Village Mall, 270 Capistrano Rd., #22
Half Moon Bay, CA
8:00pm, $5 cover

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This is the first time I've ever had to rename a track. I decided to rename "The Blue Peculiar" to "The Blue Because", since the new single "Peculiar" will be released on Wednesday and I didn't want to have the tracks confused with eachother. I hope that no one will mind too much... Here's the streaming version of The Blue Because (still free for download!)
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Feel like Phil Connors repeating Groundhog Day over and over again? Then come spend the evening with some great live music and delicious drinks!

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 (Groundhog Day!)

50 Mason Social House
50 Mason St., San Francisco, CA

No cover, live music 8pm - 11pm

The Knickerbocker Blues Band
Ass-kicking blues led by Rich Werden

Chance's End
Unique violin-electronica

Emily Zisman & Ryan Avery
Folk-infused acoustic Americana

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Posted by: ravery

It's been awhile since Chance's End has played in Sacramento, but I've been invited by Chris Peake and Michelle Gorre to play at their annual anniversary milonga at the Firehouse 5!

I look forward to playing for all of you in the Sacramento area again, and am really looking forward to seeing some fresh faces, too.

What: Anniversary tango milonga featuring Chance's End (Ryan Avery)
When: 9pm - 12am, Saturday November 20th 2010
Where: Firehouse 5 (2014 B 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 (map))
Cost: $15

Non-dancers, please note that this is a tango milonga. Those of you who don't dance, I would still highly encourage you to attend, as Chris and Michelle give wonderful lessons before the dance begins.

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Those of you who were lucky enough to have seen our show at The Hotel Utah back in July, know how wonderful that space is to perform! So we're doing it again... :-)

Chance's End and Emily Zisman will take the stage to play some folk songs from Emily's catalog, as well as the violin-electronica tracks we've recently released.

We’re thrilled to play along with Bigelow's Treehouse and Zinc Finger this time. We last played with Bigelow at the The Blue Macaw in the spring, and are excited to hear Zinc Finger for the first time!

And cover is only $7 (cheaper than a single drink at some bars, and you get ALL this great music!)

Hotel Utah Saloon
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 546-6300

See you there!

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Over the past few months, I have been working with General Fuzz in his studio to track some violin parts for his upcoming untitled album.

This is not the first time that the Chance's End violin has been heard on a General Fuzz track, however. A couple of years ago, I recorded violin parts for two tracks on his Soulful Filling album (Comfort Zone and Second Thoughts. It's been a real pleasure working with him over these past years, as we have a very compatible way of working.

Usually, James will call me to let me know he has a few tracks he needs violin parts for. I'll come over, and he's got scores printed up ready for me to play. He doesn't print out scores very often (he's an electronica musician, after all), so he uses an entry-level version of Finale. The only problem is that the software won't let him do key signatures! I find it musically humorous when I run through a piece and some of the notes are written as their enharmonic equivalents - it makes it a bit of a mystery what the phrases are actually going to sound like. :-)

After we get a few good takes of the pre-scored melody lines he has prepared (of which there are usually multiple), he'll give me free reign to improvise as I see fit. Sometimes the improvs just aren't working well, but others (like in the case of Second Thoughts) turn into a major portion of the track!

So far, I think we've recorded 3 parts for his new album. He says he has even more planned, so we'll see how many we end up with good violin parts for...

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Chance's End will be joining Emily Zisman to play some of the new vocal-driven violin-electronica songs we've released over the past year. This will be the first time we'll be playing these songs live, so be sure to check it out! We'll also be playing material from Emily's latest album Naked Day Alone, for all you folk nuts. :-)

We’re stoked to join Porkchop Express and The Hollyfelds at the Hotel Utah, a San Francisco music staple.

For only $7 you get all of this great music:

8:30pm – Emily Zisman & Ryan Avery
9:30pm - Porkchop Express
10:30pm - The Hollyfelds

Hotel Utah Saloon
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 546-6300

See you there!

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Chance's End is coming back to the Bay Street artist series this Saturday, in Emeryville CA. The weather is going to be AWESOME! (70+F!)

What: Bay Street Artist Street
Where: Bay Street Mall, 5616 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA
When: 3pm-5pm Saturday, April 24th, 2010

If you're in the area, stop on by and say hi and grab an ice cream cone!

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I recently switched web hosts, and am in the process of transferring the site over. FYI, there may be a bit of downtime or odd problems as I get everything squared away. But it's all for a good cause - in the coming months we'll be building out websites for Emily Zisman, Ryan Avery, and Definite Plus (the label). Contact me if there is any problem viewing the site, and I will try to correct it.
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So after checking out many options online, I have decided to host the music section of my website on Bandcamp. By using Bandcamp, I will be able to put songs online for purchase almost immediately after I finish them! And you, my dear listener, will have your pick of whatever format you want - from high-quality MP3 to lossless FLAC for you audiophiles.

I have already put my entire catalog from Set Me Free, to The Outsider, to my recent singles The Blue Peculiar and Miles From Dawn.

How can you help me out? If you enjoy a song, please consider linking to it. On each Bandcamp player, there is a "share" button that allows you to embed it in a webpage, via Facebook, or many other social networking sites. This should make it very easy to post high-quality players wherever you desire.

Finally, PLEASE let me know if something isn't working quite right - I want to make sure that everything stays up and running.

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Note that the December Bay Street event has changed dates!!
Ryan Avery will be bringing his Chance's End project to the Bay Street artist series this Saturday, in Emeryville CA.

What: Bay Street Artist Street
Where: Bay Street Mall, 5616 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA
When: 2pm-4pm Sunday, December 19th, 2009

If you're in the area, stop on by and say hi!

Posted by: ravery
Posted by: ravery
I apologize for anyone who went to Emeryville expecting to attend a gig on Saturday December 5th. The event had been rescheduled and I neglected to update my website with the new information. Sorry for any trouble that may have caused!
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Posted by: ravery
Posted by: ravery

Ryan Avery will be bringing his Chance's End project to the Bay Street artist series this Saturday, in Emeryville CA.

What: Bay Street Artist Street
Where: Bay Street Mall, 5616 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA
When: 4pm-6pm Saturday, September 26th, 2009

If you're in the area, stop on by and say hi - it should be great weather that day!

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Ryan Avery will be bringing his Chance's End project to the Bay Street artist series this Saturday, in Emeryville CA.

What: Bay Street Artist Street
Where: Bay Street Mall, 5616 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA
When: 4pm-6pm Saturday, August 29th, 2009

If you're in the area, stop on by and say hi - it should be great weather that day!

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I don't often give wholehearted concert recommendations, but this is guaranteed to be a great concert! Two wonderful friends of mine are joining up for a concert at the Revolution Cafe in San Francisco. And the best part about it? It's FREE!

9:00-10:00 Opening Act (TBD)
10:00-11:15 Orange Mighty Trio (
11:30-12:30 Emily Zisman (

Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd St, San Francisco
No Cover!

I have known violinist Zack Kline of Orange Mighty Trio since we were wee lads in Colorado, and I must say that his Minneapolis-based band is one of the tightest group of musicians I have run across. Take one part Bluegrass fiddling and combine with Classical technique and compositional chops, add a range of improvisation, especially Jazz flavor, and you might get a recipe for the Orange Mighty Trio’s fresh new music. Their music will definitely provoke awe and inspiration - a must see!

Emily Zisman has blossomed into an incredible singer/songwriter, whose lyrics obviously come from her heart and have the ability to touch even the most calloused soul. Influenced by the Difranco/McLaughlin school of contemporary folk, Emily's dynamic voice is a joy to be heard. And yes, I'll be joining her band on violin. :-)

Both Emily and OMT have recently released albums which will be for sale at the show, so be sure to come and check them out!

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Chance's End's album "The Outsider " has been nominated for a JPF Music award! Ryan Avery got the news at the end of June, which came as quite a welcome surprise.

The Just Plain Folks Music Awards has grown into the largest Music Awards program in the world! They screen more than 350,000 songs and over 25,000 albums in 70+ genres from 100 Countries to honor artists all over the musical spectrum. Their volunteer judges include industry professionals, peers and music fans, and whose sole criteria for judging is "Does it move you?" The judging process took over 1 year to complete - quite an undertaking!

The electronica nominees are below - be sure to look them up if you get a chance. Believe me when I say there is some AWESOME music here! I myself will be making some purchases shortly...

Album Artist
Aleph-1 Aleph-1 MI
Aliens and Strangers Lancaster Transit TN
Jade France
Antigravity Zircon PA
Brief Episodes of Joy Arthur Loves Plastic MD
Frequency Naked Rhythm CA
Mice to Meet You! Musetta Italy
Plastic Makes It Possible Techno Squirrels CA
The Outsider Chance's End CA
This Is Serious Business Q*Ball NY


Winners will be announced at the 2009 JPF Music Awards show on August 29th, 2009 in Nashville.

For a full list of nominees in all genres, go to

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Come out to Cellspace (2050 Bryant St, San Francisco) this coming Wednesday for a night with live music, featuring Tangonero and Chance's End (Ryan Avery). This is the opening night of SFTX, so there are sure to be some wonderful dancers from all across the US!

$5 at the door
Come at 8pm for the classes ($10)

See you there!
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This is the second collaboration between Emily Zisman and myself. Emily is about to release her debut album "Naked Day Alone" in June, a wonderful set of her deeply introspective and personal folk songs.

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Chance's End is playing at the Burning Man Flambe Lounge this February 28th!

What: Burning Man Flambe Lounge
Where: Mission Rock Cafe, 817 Terry Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158
When: 8pm to 3am (Chance's End plays upstairs at 9pm)
Cost: $15 in costume, $20 without

Evolutionary attire encouraged at this Flambe Lounge with plenty of art and dancing on two floors and an outside waterfront patio - Hope to see you there!

For more information, visit

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H.A. Eugene is the lead singer for The Luxury Tax and Burbank International, both based in the Bay Area CA. I invited him into the studio to record this track, as his voice added the powerful-yet-weak element I was looking for!

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Produced last year for a Christmas album compilation of various artists, here is my rendition of this classic song. Apologies to those of you who aren't into holiday music... :-)

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Chance's End will be playing a set at the Mission Bazaar.

What: Mission Bazaar
Where: 1800 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
When: 2pm - 3pm
Cost: $5 entry to the Bazaar


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Join host & DJ Chris Peake at the FIREHOUSE 5 MILONGA to celebrate the anniversary of alternative tango in Sacramento!

With Special Guest:
Electronic Violinist Ryan Avery (Chance’s End)

Firehouse 5 Studio
Saturday, November 15th, 2008
2014B 9th St (9th & T), Sacramento CA

Lesson: 8pm - 9pm
Dancing: 9pm until we drop!
$15 entry includes lesson, milonga, live performances & refreshments!

More information at TangoAlternativa

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Screening Out Loud is throwing Get Strange, a Halloween Party raising money for a group of San Francisco filmmakers. Please join us for a night of drinking, music and dancing:

Thursday October 30th, 9pm - 1am
Peacock Lounge
552 Haight St (at Fillmore), San Francisco
$10 door

DJ Dave
Mr. White
Chance's End
Kadence (Nightlight)

All proceeds of the event will go toward covering the costs of producing a music video for a local artist.

The filmmakers throwing this event believe that among the talented local musicians in SF and the talented
local filmmakers in SF, we have the knowledge and talent, and thus the responsibility to collaborate
artistically to produce compelling music videos that can represent this city as the creative force that it is.

The help of fabulously interesting people like you to come out and support us, and to help us deal with
the all too often prohibitively high costs of film/video production.

So please, come out the night before halloween, and enjoy the party we've put together for you,
AND SUPPORT LOCAL ART while you're at it!

ALSO: If you like what we're doing and would like to support our promotion of the event, please feel free to

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Chance's End is playing live violin-electronica at San Francisco Decompression!

Who: Chance's End (Ryan Avery)
Where: SF Decompression (19th & Minnesota St, San Francisco), 22nd Street stage
When: 6:30pm, Sunday October 22nd
Cost: $10 in Burning Man-style clothing, $20 in streetwear (entry fee is for the entire Decompression event)

If you've never been to Burning Man, this is perfect introduction to the madness! And if you went to BM this year, then you're probably already going to Decompression. So there's no reason for you NOT to go! :-)


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JUST ANNOUNCED (07/20/08): JanedaPain ( will join Chance's End to provide live visuals for the set! This is definitely a night not to be missed!


Chance’s End (Ryan Avery) makes a hometown return to Boulder Friday July 25th at the B-Side Lounge for a night of 21st-century violin! This is the first time Chance’s End has played in Boulder since 2004 - don't miss it!

Friday July 25th, 10:00 PM
B-Side Lounge (2017 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302)
Cost:$8 adv / $10 door

Denver-based songwriter Molly Cherington is starting out the night.

Violinist Zack Kline is also making a homecoming, headlining with his Orange Mighty Trio (progressive acoustic music - INCREDIBLE stuff!)

Afterwards, Chance’s End brings the unique sounds of violin-electronica to the B-Side.

For more information on Molly Cherington:
For more info on Orange Mighty Trio:

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Chance’s End is playing two special live sets of the best violin-electronica music San Francisco has to offer, at Soluna Lounge happy hour from 5pm - 7pm (drink specials from 3pm-7pm).

Come join me Wednesday June 4th to hear live violin-electronica at its best! CDs will be for sale.

Because of the extended set, I will be playing some lesser-known Chance's End material in addition to all of the current albums!

For more information about Chance's End, visit
Soluna Cafe and Lounge
272 McAllister St
San Francisco, California 94102
Cost: Free

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A last-minute event has just been confirmed: I will be playing a set at the Late Shift Tango Milonga at the Metronome Ballroom in San Francisco. If you haven't heard Chance's End live, this is your chance for all you San Francisco locals!

The Late Shift Milonga

One great informal Milonga, for the Argentine Tango night Owls. Great DJ's, comfortable atmosphere, and tasty snacks keep you dancing until the wee hours of the morning...hosted by David & Mariana.

9:00-9:45pm -- Intermediate Argentine Tango Lesson

10:00pm-2:30am -- Milonga!

12:30am -- Violin-electronica performance by Chance's End

Intermediate-level Lesson and party (from 9pm): $15

Party only (from 10pm): $10

After 12:30am: $ 7

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Join host & DJ Chris Peake at the FIREHOUSE 5
MILONGA for a night of alternative tango!

With Special Guests:

Electronic Violinist Ryan Avery (Chance’s End)

Tango Performance by Felipe Martinez & Rosa Corisco

Firehouse 5 Studio
Saturday, May 17, 2008
2014B 9th St (9th & T), Sacramento CA

9PM until we drop!
$15 entry includes lesson, milonga, live performances & refreshments!

More information at TangoAlternativa

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Chance’s End is playing two special live sets of the best violin-electronica music San Francisco has to offer, at Soluna Lounge happy hour from 4pm - 6pm (drink specials from 3pm-7pm).

Come join me Wednesday May 7 to hear live violin-electronica at its best! CDs will be for sale.

Because of the extended set, I will be playing some lesser-known Chance's End material in addition to all of the current albums!

For more information about Chance's End, visit
Soluna Cafe and Lounge
272 McAllister St
San Francisco, California 94102
Cost: Free

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Emily Zisman is a Bay Area singer/songwriter. She adds her wonderful vocals to this new Chance's End track. Check out Emily's music at

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A review of "The Outsider" has been posted by Marc Urselli-Schaerer at The Chain D.L.K., an online music review ezine:

Lately there seems to be an increase in the number of the talented violin players (Christian Howes, Warren Hood etc) who are pushing the envelope of what the role of a classically-trained violin(ist) is. Ryan Avery does so himself with his instrument and his passion for downtempo electronica. His pleasant new album called "The Outsider", showcases his Groove Armada, Hybrid and Vanessa-Mae influences. The 13 songs (including two Astor Piazzola covers) feature violin melody lines with counter-parts, rhythmical accompaniments and harmonies also played on the violin. The whole thing gently lays on a simple but effective backdrop of electronic drums, pads, sequences and all the other usual suspects of electronica. In fact the colors of the production vary from plain electronic music to more acid jazz material, reaching out to the far corners of accordion-graced tango-inspired lounge music as well as uptempo breakbeats. Definitely an interesting departure from what we usually receive and review in this category and a fresh of breath air from, indeed, an outsider!

- Marc Urselli-Schaerer

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Chance's End live at Cellspace (SF) March 19th

Who: Chance's End (Ryan Avery)
What: A live violin-electronica alt-tango performance
When: Wednesday, March 19th
Where: Cellspace, 2050 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94110
8pm  Lesson
9pm  Dancing
10pm Chance's End plays

Beginning tango dancers and spectators are welcome! Entrance is $5 for the dance, or $10 including the lesson. 

"The Outsider" CDs will be available at the show for $15 or online at

Posted by: ravery
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JBIRD's review at

"I discovered this on an out of luck night, cold Monday to be exact, no good places to go, driving around and I happened to drive by and see Caffe Trieste on Gough and saw it SUPER PACKED.
Chances End is a guy named Ryan Avery that plays the Violin and mixes with electronic beats and some tango in between. All the music is produced by him, except obvious extracts from Piazzola, but he plays live! It was his CD Release event, place was full, people happy drinking Argentine and Italian wines and paying obvious attention to the show. After a couple of songs people started getting up and dancing tango along with his music. It was beautiful.

"I also bought the Cd he was releasing, his second one.  All in all his music was great and masterfully produced. If you want to check him out you can go to or

"If you ever have the chance to listen to him live you should definetly do it, it's worth every bit of your time. I'm glad I decided to cruise around on a Monday night, I found a great artist!!"

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Caffe Trieste and Tango Revolution host an informal CD release party for Chance’s End! Come out for an evening of dancing and music and to support Chance’s End (Ryan Avery), San Francisco’s unique violin-electronica musician.

What: Chance's End CD release party for "The Outsider"
Where: Caffe Trieste(1667 Market Street @ Gough, San Francisco)
When: Sunday December 2, 5:30pm - 9:30pm

$5 suggested at the door

Event Schedule:
5:30pm    Doors open w/Live Tango music
6-7pm      Beginners Tango dance class by Sonja Riket (voted Best Tango Teacher, 7x7 Mag. 2006)
7:30-8pm Performance by Chance's End (Ryan Avery)
8-9:30pm Live Tango Jam with Tango Revolution musicians, open floor dancing, and "The Outsider" CD Signing (CD available for $15)

More Info: 415.661.1852-

Tango Revolution is a program of Intimate Embrace Tango, which envisions Argentine Tango as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and the world. We organize classes, workshops, cultural, social awareness-and fundraising events around critical issues of our time. Come watch, listen or join in the dance! All ages are welcome, no dance experience or partner necessary.

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To all my Colorado friends:
My good friend Sarah Fridrich is a wonderful singer/songwriter playing in Boulder, CO for the first time. If you're available this Thursday, I recommend checking her out!

What: Sarah Fridrich plays songs from her new 2007 EP
When: Thurs. OCT 18th, 7:30 p.m.
Where: S. 34th Street. Boulder, CO

***LIMITED SEATING, so please RSVP to <>
for full address and info***

Backed by Elizabeth Trice (Bass player/SingerSongwriter), Sarah will do an acoustic show hosted by local
Boulder jazz player/songwriter buddies Michael Yaussi and Colin MacGregor.

Light refrements and great acoustics in a cozy private home.
Suggested donations $5 to $15

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Chance's End is being featured on XM Radio this Thursday (9/27) at 10pm EST, on the Radar Report (XMU, Channel 43). This is a NATIONAL radio show - believe me, I'm very excited!

For those of you without XM Satellite service, I've been provided with a code that allows you to receive XM for FREE for a few days. Go to and use code XMB4MD. All you need is an email (no credit card needed).

A rebroadcast of the show can be heard on Friday (9/28) at 2pm EST.


For those of you with XM Satellite service, be sure to tune in and tell your friends!


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The CDs should be available Thursday or Friday.
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After months of toiling through the summer, The Outsider is finally released!

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Acoustic 12 string guitar with violin lead and cello accompaniment. Recorded August 2004. Originally recorded for Catharsis Infinity (Watson&Company - 2003). Darren Uses a 1973 Martin D Series in standard tuning. Ryan Avery of Chance’s End plays the violin on this recording with Darren Curtis Skanson on 12 string guitar and Kevin Johnson on cello.

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The Outsider: 13 tracks of electronica-fueled violin explorations
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Those who ordered CDs over the past month will be getting them shortly.
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The Chance's End song "Production to Perfection" is being featured on this week's Bowed Radio podcast. Bowed Radio has been around for over 2 years, and features string artists of virtually all genres performing new and/or original music.

Please check out the podcast, and consider subscribing to the feed if you're into innovative string music.

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I have put up the entire Set Me Free album for digital download at AmieStreet. AmieStreet operates differently than other online music download sites: Songs start out free, and once a certain number of people download and recommend songs, the prices start going up (to a maximum of $0.99).

The beauty of the system is that music lovers who recommend songs early earn download credits if those songs become very popular. And since you only get a limited number of recommendations, it rewards the trend-setters who wade through the muck of free songs to root out the gems!

The Set Me Free album is currently available for download for $0.94 (as of 05/30/07). That's for the ENTIRE ALBUM! Hurry before it goes up!

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The MusicLog review service has recently partnered with BandBuzz, the service that I use for some of my embedded music players around the site.

A couple of weeks ago, unbeknownst to me, they did a wonderful review of Going On from the Set Me Free album. Check it out: 

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One of my hobbies is creating custom t-shirts to wear when I dance tango, swing, and blues.
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Over the past few months, I have been hard at work on the next Chance's End CD album. Building off of what Set Me Free (external link) started, this album will feature the violin front-and-center in the electronic production.
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The new website is up and running. Which means, with any luck, I will be updating content on a much more frequent basis.
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At the very early age of 6, I was exposed to music. My parents, bless their hearts, provided me with violin lessons with Paul Rowinski, a local violin teacher in Boulder Colorado. These lessons continued all throughout my childhood up through high school. Add to that all the violins, bows and strings a young violinist grows out of, and you get a small fortune that was spent on my music education! Though I always appreciated the classical side of the violin, the younger side of me always wanted the violin to be something else: modern, hip, and cutting-edge.

So I began branching out into other genres of violin work. My stint in old-time country and bluegrass saw me finish in the top 10 one year at the Colorado State Fiddle Championships. Small stints with jazz, rock, and eclectic bands came and went, though nothing really solidified from these outings. For quite a few years I was a violinist for Darren Curtis Skanson (external link), a classical guitarist based in Denver, CO.

Throughout all of this ever since high school, I was half-assedly experimenting with combining electronic music and violin. Never realizing that I had a concept that could work, I naively neglected the positive comments from friends and collegues when I presented my violin-electronica experiments to them. Instead, I focused solely on the dancefloor electronic side, thinking that going mainstream was the key to success. I produced two full albums without any violin whatsoever before decidi

Finally, as I was producing
Set Me Free
, I discovered for myself what everyone else had been saying all along - violin electronic music not only would work, but it would be the hook that sets me apart. Though Set Me Free was praised for its use of violin in electronic music, it has also been cricized for not going far enough. With that in mind, my work post-SMF has concentrated extensively on incorporating violin into mainstream electronica.

The intersection of violin and electronica is a vast uncharted area of music that I am poised to explore. Stay tuned...

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As an assignment for the Art and Science of Aerospace Culture to present a series of remote sensing images, I decided to pursue a different objective. I took images from several imaging satellites orbiting Earth, and composite them with other images, to create a "galactic remix".
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What are those orange-colored slices in our pasta? And why do they taste so delicious?
Posted by: ravery
Arriving in Cortona, we hit 2 for 2 on lodging. And our jaws drop in the process...
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Has your brain ever melted out of your ears from art exposure? Then you haven't visited Italy yet...
Posted by: ravery
Why weren't these little snack booths on every corner? I'm glad they weren't, because this was one of the true Roman city secrets we came across.
Posted by: ravery
It occurs to us that there are no retirement homes in Rome.
Posted by: ravery
I get lost in Rome within my first hour there.
Posted by: ravery
What is the first thing that you notice about a foreign country? As it turns out, usually it's the ordinary things that catch your eye.
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A small mix-up ordering food one evening becomes an expensive episode of Fear Factor, with unexpectedly wonderful results.
Posted by: ravery
Finding the non-touristy eateries in Rome is hard, but once you find one, you're treated like family.
Posted by: ravery
A hope of being alone in the Sistine Chapel ends up backfiring on us...
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We look at the creation of a proof-of-concept HRTF 3D panning plugin for the VST architecture
Posted by: ravery
The Musical Blackboard is a hacked Casio keyboard that responds to the touch of a metal "blackboard" by producing digital glitches.
Posted by: ravery
An investigation into the effects of changing parameters on signal quality of LPC analysis and synthesis.
Posted by: ravery
MIDI-2-OpenGL is a standalone demonstration program designed as a demonstration of how to integrate PortMIDI (external link) with OpenGL (external link), in order to produce 3D visualizations of MIDI key presses and control changes.

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