We want your help designing our new album!

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Posted by: ravery

Heading into the middle of February, I hope that 2012 has been off to a great start for every one of you. Certainly, it has been an AMAZING time for Chance's End! Myself (Ryan) and Emily Zisman have been practicing our butts off and playing a select few shows around the San Francisco bay area. But most importantly, we've been holed away in the studio. Why's that? We're wrapping up on the next studio project. So I'm extremely happy to announce that:

The new album "Down The Doors" is coming soon!

Just how soon? I don't want to put anything down in stone, but with the final steps that need to happen, it should be sometime at the end of April! Some of you have been hounding me about another album for what feels like years (it probably has been!). Though it's taken us awhile to get to this point, I KNOW you'll love the end result. :-)

However, this brings me to the matter at hand. We've been so busy working on the music itself that we haven't had time to think about the rest of the package. So we thought "what better way to show our gratitude to our fans than to include you in the album?!"

Here's what we're looking for:

  • The album cover for the new CD "Down The Doors"
  • A new Chance's End logo
  • Genre description (yes, seriously!)
  • A design for the overall CD package

Now, some of you might be thinking that we're just trying to get free design work out of you. Don't worry! We will be fairly compensating everyone who's work gets included in the album. The exact details will be worked out with each contributor.

How should you get started?

We know there are at least a few of you out there who have said you're itching to design something. So head over to our Bandcamp page where we have a few songs from the new album online that will help you get in the mood as you think about ideas. These are fairly representative of the rest of the album

Chance's End - Superman

Chance's End - Gravity

Chance's End - Peculiar

If you're interested in creating the CD cover: The album title is "Down The Doors", and we want the cover to reflect that somehow. Start thinking about ideas, and perhaps make a quick sketch or mock-up. We don't expect a finished project at first, nor do we want you to do a bunch of work just to have us say that it wasn't what we are looking for.

If you're interested in designing the logo: Take a look at the previous CDs "Set Me Free" and "The Outsider" to check out the previous logo. Also take a look at the Chance's End website which has the current temporary logo. Listen to some of the music, and mock-up any ideas that you have. And make sure to give us a peek so we can tell you if we like what you're doing, before you get too far down the line!

Genre description: I feel a bit silly asking this, but who better to tell us what we sound like than the fans who listen? We have always used "violin breakbeat-electronica", but now we're not quite so sure since we've added some more elements. What do you think?

In any case: Contact us! Whether you're a photographer, graphic designer, painter, etc., we want to work with our amazing fans. Let us know what you do, any ideas you have for the logo or the album, and where we can see some of your other work online. Just email us at and we'll get back to you. :-)

We're looking forward to seeing some awesome ideas!!

(And don't worry, if no one emails us, Ryan knows how to use Microsoft Paint...) :-)

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